Reasons to shop from us!

Valley Scooters has been selling scooters since 2004 and has found that one of the most important aspects of a succesfull scooter dealer was to be able to supply chinese scooter parts to support your customers. Parts for scooters have been in short supply as evidenced by the numerous calls we get every day from people who cannot get 50cc scooter parts and 150cc scooter parts from the company that sold them their scooters. John Dikov, president of Valley Scooters, has decided to step in and fill that massive void for scooter parts in an attempt to make scooter ownership a better experience. We are commited to supplying quality parts for scooters comming from a variety of Asian manufacturers. In addition to selling parts for mopeds we also carry a complete line of the best quality scooters and accessories comming out of China and Taiwan. Look to Valley Scooters for all of your scooter needs, you will not be disappointed.

All of our 50cc scooter parts and 150cc scooter parts are normally available for shipment within 24 hours. Later this year we will also have parts for mopeds as our new line of Lazer 3 mopeds is introduced. Parts for mopeds will also become a line we will carry to support all of our customers as well as supporting the parts needs of other distributors.

We have just started a new website just for our dealers where they can order their parts at wholesale prices. Dealers please go to

Valley Scooters sells the best quality parts for chinese scooters at the best possible prices. We are open 6 days a week from 8-8 EST. Please contact us at 203-500-0960 or toll free at 866-994-1141 to place your order or to ask questions about the chinese scooter parts you need. *Orders under $15 will be charged a flat shipping rate of $8